May 12

New Goal: Become more built

For those who know me, you probably already know that I get huge pleasure in achieving difficult goals that take some time actually achieve. You have also known that I enjoy self teaching myself new things ( mostly computer related). You know that i’m a self disciplined guy who is up for any challenge. I have set myself a new goal. One that will be quite a challenge. That goal is to become more built. It will take approximately 12 weeks.

I decided to write the blog entry about it because if I make my goal public for everyone to see, then I will have no choice but to succeed. I dont want to be perceived as another one of those people who attempted a bodybuilding goal and failed. No, I want to succeed. I want you to know that I am actually going to achieve this. If I had kept this goal private, I could have easily failed and not cared to much about it. Why? Because no one would know. But, since I want to show everyone that I can accomplish this goal, I decided to make it public.

    What was the reasoning behind setting this goal?

The primary reason I decided to do this was because I want to look better, feel better, and be more energetic. The second reason was because I just get satisfaction knowing that I accomplished a tough task.

I got my workout guide, exercises, meal plans with recipes and nutritional info, and the types of food to eat from bodybuilding.com. I chose Lee Lambardas’ transformation exercise program at the intermediate level. I cant believe they offer all of this stuff for free. If you want to see the goal I am doing the full link is here ( http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/lee-labrada-12-week-lean-body-trainer.html)

With your support, and encouragement, I know I will be able to succeed at this. I have already made plans with some friends to workout with me on select days. They have given me their full 100% support and for that I am most thankful.

For those who don’t know me:

I’ll let you know some interesting things

1. Recognized by the ACBSP (Global Business Accreditation) for outstanding leadership in Kansas
2. Ranked #4 as the best Tekken Tag Tournament 2 player at the Regional Tekken Tag Tournament 2 competition (2013)
3. Ranked #2 in Network Design & Implementation (2011)
4. Tutors Computer Programming & Databases (vb.net and Microsoft SQL)
5. Has a love for electronic gadgets tablets, laptops, tvs, computers etc and enjoys playing with the newest ones.
6. Is a huge Sony nerd.
7. Enjoys scary movies and is overall a movie lover
8. Has never seen Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Star Trek movies. (So much for #7 right)
9. Enjoys trying new restaurants and eating out

Thank you for reading and I hope you follow me on my stats and updates. I’m not going to post a before picture. That will remain private until at least week 8. hehe.

  • Clint

    I like how it goes from “Global Business Accreditation” to Tekken tournament lol
    Good luck bud

    • TechGuyChris

      Thanks Clint! Hope all is well in Japan!