Sep 17

Samsung, A knockoff brand in electronics

There are numerous articles regarding Samsung and how great their devices are and how successful the company is all over the web. In a non bias way, I dont think the company is as cool as its main competitors. The only edge it has an advantage in, is marketing. Innovation however, does not exist in the company.

Personally, i’m not to big of a fan of Samsung devices. As much as I want to like Samsung, I cant. I dont know of any device they’ve created that hasnt been stolen from a competitor. They have stolen from the iPhone with their 1st generation line of Galaxy devices. They stole from RIM and their blackberry line of devices with the BlackJack. They stole the floating glass design in their televisions from Sony..

I dont think the galaxy S3 is a device to be bragging about having. #1 its made of plastic. #2 a dual core smartphone outperforms it. If you look at the benchmark for the Sony Xperia T, it outperforms it in every category. The Samsungs AMOLED display is beautiful but the colors are not as sharp on images or movies..

The Sony Tablet S was the first tablet to have an integrated IR port to control all the devices around the home. When Samsung updated their Galaxy Tab and released the new version, the IR port was included.

As big as Samsung is, many would think that the amount they spend in research & development would give them a leg up against their compeititors but this doesnt seem to be the case…

Whenever I hear people say they have a Samsung, I always reply (mentally) ‘you have a knockoff’. I will give Samsung credit for its marketing prowess.

Until Samsung can come up with an innovative product that hasnt been stolen from their competitors, they will always be considered a knockoff brand in the world electronics.

  • Mark Greer

    Amen! I don’t know how anyone with a sense of ethics can purchase a product from such an intellectual property predator and opportunist.